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Claire Pearce, Writer & Coach

You're never alone with a pen


Feel lost and alone?

Are you fed up with not knowing who you are or what you want? Does it seem like everyone else is moving ahead while you’re stuck trying to work it out?

I see you.

I felt very lost for a long time too. But I found my way out with the simplest of tools – a pen – and I’ll help you do the same.

Beginning to really listen to and accept yourself is the first step to fully becoming yourself.

Discover your lovely self through writing​

With my guided, simple and effective exercises, you’ll:

  • Create space to breathe and clear your mind


  • Accept yourself and realise you’re already enough

  • See new choices by experiencing ‘Aha’ moments  


  • Activate inner resources that’ll help and support you

"Thank you for introducing me to the transformative art of writing. I feel like I have reconnected to parts of myself that I have forgotten about." Ana V


You can jump in using my resources, book a session with me, or come along to a fun workshop with like-minded souls.


“It was such a well conducted workshop. I truly enjoyed it. The collective of people added positively to the energy and inspiration for the writing … and the year ahead.  I am giddy with inspiration and optimism and feel really good about what I achieved today in the space of your workshop.” VR

Along with tonnes of additional benefits, writing things down will help you to:

  • Understand your motivations and needs

  • Gain clarity, perspective and focus

  • Express and heal yourself, reclaiming your energy

  • Make friends with your inner critics

  • Take care of yourself, even parent yourself

  • Begin to feel great about life and your place in it


There’s always more work to do, especially for those of us who are seekers in life, but I’ve learned that, whatever the challenge, you’re never alone with a pen.


Let’s get writing!

Explore my resources, join a workshop, or book time to talk about working with me one:one.

Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to meeting you soon.



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Write for your Life workshops

Creative journaling

For self-reflection, exploration and sharing 


Creative writing - just for fun

You'll still get insights, but this session is more just for fun!


"Thank you for this wonderful and insightful workshop, and for introducing me to the transformative art of writing. I feel like I have reconnected to parts of myself that I had forgotten about." Ana


Prices start at £10/session


One-off or regular sessions


I'll guide you using focused-prompts and exercises to bust through blocks and uncover hidden resources. 


You'll leave with headspace, clarity and at least one onward action


"I could never have imagined the value to be gained from putting pen to paper and just letting your hand move - the pen taking you in whatever direction it saw fit. Through creating a safe space to share what I had written Claire unlocked a whole new side of me that I wasn’t aware existed – intrinsically in tune with my needs and blockers. It’s amazing the reflections and realisations I could make by finding an outlet for my subconscious." Will





Prices start at £45/hour

Levitating Books

There's something magical about writing things down. It shifts your energy, helps to clear your mind, and organise your thoughts.


Books, one-pagers, videos and a podcast


Exercises, prompts and techniques for getting your pen moving in your own time.


Current books:

Coach yourself with a Pen

Write for your Life Journal

A year of journaling prompts


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Blogs about journaling ... mostly

For my own personal writing project Dear Lucy, you can read the blog HERE. I've also published Volume 1 which can be found HERE.

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