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Write for your Life

Creative journaling & writing workshops



No experience or grammar required



Are you stuck in your life?


We can reflect, discover, learn and heal through journaling, sharing (always optional) and having some fun.

Self-development doesn’t have to be serious

I'll guide you and your fellow journalers through exercises designed to get your pen moving so you can do some reflecting and get insights and perspectives that will help you to move forwards. 



Rule-free creative writing


Are you creatively stuck?


Your pen refusing to write another word of your blog post, your novel, your journal?  Or do you want to give your creativity and imagination a workout and reboot the energy flowing through your pen?


Whatever your aim, I’m here to help


I’ll guide you with prompts and exercises that don’t require you to think anything up. Your pen and the prompts will kick-start your imagination and before you know it, you’ll be scribbling away on the page.

I look forward to seeing you soon! CP

"I absolutely love Claire’s writing meetings. There’s something magical about the space she creates, about the people who appear at her meetings. The way she facilitates discussion and sharing lets us be our authentic selves and I can see the real me in the eyes of others and in turn, see who they truly are. She has this warm curiosity and her prompts always lead me to amazing self-discoveries that I don't think would be possible otherwise. Some things are just hard to put into words, if you want to understand what I mean by ‘Claire magic,’ you should check yourself. I can't recommend enough!" Ania


Bespoke workshops available, give me a shout HERE

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