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Taking part in a workshop, course or working one:one with me will leave you feeling energised and inspired. You’ll have stronger creative confidence, clarity and focus, new ​perspectives and insights, and access to your untapped inner resources. You'll learn that you're never alone with a pen.


Develop self-coaching skills to explore and discover options, make sense of complexity, solve problems, monitor progress, make decisions and vision success.

More information on courses below.



Use easy exercises and discussion for connecting groups around common topics, goals or experiences. Here are just some examples:

Team-building: Break ice, network, build trust.

Clarifying vision: Understand motivations and goals and crystalise direction.

Creativity: Play with imagination to build creative confidence.

Personal development: Explore possibilities, clarify goals, support wellbeing and resilience.

"Coach yourself with a Pen unlocked some quite profound revelations for me about what was going on inside my head and helped me identify some practical actions I could take to address a particular issue. Sessions with Claire are always a joy, always provide unexpected insight, and are always a great opportunity to explore interesting exercises in a supportive and encouraging environment." Annie P

"... The exercises built my team's confidence in reflecting, writing and sharing as the workshop progressed and every team member took valuable reflections away. Not only did each individual benefit, but we also did as a team and plan to continue our journaling at team meetings. A highly impactful session in a very short time - highly recommended to other teams looking for a deeper connection and a novel way to reflect and share. LP Regional Business Manager, UK, Global Pharmaceutical company.   

“The Creative Journaling session delivered by Claire was brilliant. Everyone enjoyed the session, it felt really inclusive and fun whilst also creating an environment where people felt confident to share and express their words. The end result was exactly what we had hoped for!” Manager, Fostering Network


“I must say it was one of the best, possibly the best, 2.5 hours I have spent in an online workshop. I found it really helpful in terms of the personal insights I gained and I really enjoyed doing it." Cathy

"I found the session surprisingly powerful – who could have predicted my bookshelf would tell me what I needed to hear that day!" Product Owner at HSBC


​Suitable for everyone - no grammar or spelling required - these courses consist of free-writing prompts and creative writing exercises which get people's pens moving and minds opening. - without having to think about what to write. There's also plenty of discussion with the group for further insight.

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The inner Boardroom - Ideal for leaders

It's never lonely at the top when you have a pen in your hand


In this dynamic course I'll introduce you to creative journaling techniques to:

  • Surface new and interesting perspectives and insights to tackle challenges

  • Articulate vision and mission

  • Tap into creativity for innovation

  • Manage wellbeing

  • and lots more ...

​You'll leave with: Creative confidence, inspiration and energy, clarity and focus, ​perspectives and insights, headspace and access to your inner resources.

Course takes place in one 1.5 hour session on Zoom  

£1000 (max 8 participants £125/person). Concessions available. In-person courses can be arranged.

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Coach yourself with a pen - Great for all

Get out of your head and into your life

A free copy of the book 'Coach yourself with a Pen' is included for each participant.

Book available here

Not everyone has the luxury of a coach, and even when people do, they’re not available 24/7 (unless they’re very, very expensive). Coach yourself with a Pen is an experiential and dynamic course that gives you simple tools and life-long skills to help you coach yourself.

It will give you:

  • An understanding of coaching principles

  • An introduction to journaling principles

  • Hands-on experience of coaching yourself using a live example

  • Access to inner resources and innate creativity

Total 4.5 hours spread over one to three sessions - on Zoom

£1200 (max 12 participants £100/person). Concessions available. In person courses can be arranged.

Journaling 9-5_edited.jpg

Journaling 9-5 - Great for graduates

Skills for work - skills for life


We all have inner resources and innate creativity just dying to be invited out to play and to help us make the most of our life, at work and beyond. Journaling 9 - 5 gives you dynamic, easy to use tools to help: 

  • Solve problems and make decisions

  • Manage change and ambiguity

  • Be more productive: focus, clarity and motivation

  • Get set up for success

  • Manage personal development

  • Relieve stress, build resilience and manage wellbeing

  • Develop writing skills

  • and lots more ...

Total 4.5 hours spread over one to three sessions - on Zoom

£1200 (max 12 participants £100/person). Concessions available. In-person courses can be arranged.

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