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First in-person (for a while!) Christmas-themed workshop in Fleet - my home town.

December 2023

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The final book this year is simply a 

lovely, plain-paged journal with an index for capturing insights and a few words of enouragement.

Reflective practice October 2023_edited.

Talking about reflective practice with A Brilliant Thing - October 2023

Finally achieved my goal (of over 30 years) of having my own radio show. Here I am at Basingstoke Community Radio. Current show Sundays 1-3pm you can tune in through Tune In app or via website. It's never too late! October 2023

Dear Lucy.jpg

A year of journaling prompts

Published October 2023

Dear Lucy - Volume 1

Letters from one friend to another

Published October 2023


Coach yourself with a Pen

Get out of your head and into your life

Ideas UK Conference November 2022

I've just been to the Ideas UK conference where I invited around 40 people to do some short, timed writing exercises around the theme of the conference; Secrets of success in innovation.

We did three exercises including a warm-up. Despite some hesitation, everyone joined in and all voices were heard - part of the magic of writing and sharing together. Working this way also builds trust evidenced by a few people sharing what they'd written in front of the whole room (after sharing in pairs). Pretty impressive, but not surprising to me as I've seen the power of writing and sharing many times. A group of strangers witnessing and listening to each other is a truly beautiful thing. Not to mention the inner resources they stumble upon that can help them to be successful. The room was energised and I saw lots of smiling faces, which is always my biggest reward.

ideasUK2022 Presentations Thur-1395.jpg

My first Youtube video - Permission to be Creative - A short talk to remind how you're creative every day and give you creative confidence to life a happy and satisfied life. It's just over 20 minutes.


On agenda for IdeasUK's Annual conference

Very excited to be doing a session on creativity at IdeasUK's Annual Conference in November 22. More info here.

Ideas UK brochure Nov22.png

Won award at Toastmasters

OK, so it's not that much to get excited about but I don't think I've ever actually won an Award, so here it is, in all it's glory (I talked - spontaneously - about my sister's strange eating habits at a Toastmaster session) June 22


Buzz Podcasts feature

I was recently interviewed by Buzz Podcasts in my home town of Fleet in the dog cafe (not it's official name). If you fancy hearing a bit about my journey and what I do, click here.

Buzz Podcasts 170122.png

Mental Health First Aider certificate

I've just completed my Mental Health First Aider training. A great course I'd recommend to anyone to change our 'mental health literacy' MHFA England's goal. February 2022

MHFA logo.png

First ever team-building session, 1 November 2021

What a treat to work with a group who are essentially new to creative writing. It's interesting that people are less encumbered by the need to be good/creative when they aren't writers or journalers. A real pleasure for me and a successful session. Give me a shout if you'd like to hear more.

Team Building 1 Nov 2021.jpg

Me at Speaker's Corner in 2016 (talking about writing of course)

I came across this photo of me at Speaker's Corner in 2016 taking part in a challenge (part of an intensive course to re-define/direct my career). It wasn't until a couple of years later that things really started to change, but I believe all the little things we do trickle towards the change we make.

CP Speakers Corner 2016.png

Manchester University workshop, 18 March 2021

Really excited to have done my first workshop working with university students at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, Manchester University.

The session enabled students to share with others how they are feeling in a creative supportive life affirming environment, it provided an opportunity for meaningful artistic dialogue and opportunities for one-to-one connection with others that also builds confidence in self-expression and writing.

Dr Adele Aubrey, Partnerships and Programmes Manager, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, Manchester University

One word check-outs: “Curious, excited, liberating, enlightened, energising (x2), opened up, inspired, relaxing, revealing, sociable.”

Mchr Uni 180321.png

My podcast Write Enjoy Repeat has been featured on AMED's website, thanks AMED!

AMED Podcast feature.gif

AMED workshop, 16 October 2020

Friday, 16 October 2020 I ran a workshop on 'Spreading the word about writing' with the Writers' group of AMED (Association for Management Education and Development - Educational charity devoted to developing people and organisations). Find out more about AMED here.

AMED news.gif

Power Hour promotion

Co-founder of The Power Hour, Rhiannon Rampling talks about attending a writing workshop in advance of launching The Power Hour

Click here  to hear Rhiannon talking about her experience:

Power Hour.png


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