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Christmas-themed Creative group journaling at the Alento Lounge in Fleet!

Sunday, 3 December, 6.30 - 9pm
Part journaling, part creative writing, creative group journaling is suitable for anyone whose interest is piqued.

No experience, grammar or spelling are required.


There's no need to come with friends (of course, you can if you want) as it's a very interactive and social activity.

I'll guide you through various exercises where your pen takes over, so you don’t have to think about what to write. There's no need to bring pen/paper unless you have favourites you like to use.

£19 per person (pen/notebook included)

The Alento Lounge, 162 Fleet Road, Fleet, GU51 4BE

Find out more/contact me at

Photo: Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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Write for your Life courses and workshops are for anyone who enjoys journaling or creative writing and aspires to an easier and more enjoyable life.


No experience, grammar or spelling are required.

In most group sessions, whether a course or workshop, I'll guide you through various exercises including free-writing where your pen takes over so you don’t have to think about what to write. You then share whatever you’re comfortable with in pairs. This is what I call creative group journaling. It’s connecting, creative, often fun and a great way to have deeper conversations. It's where the magic happens!


A lovely way to celebrate your ‘you-ness.’

Whether you think you're creative or not, I promise that what you write in response to prompts will surprise and delight you.

“I absolutely love Claire's writing meetings. There's something special about the people who appear. The way she facilitates discussion and sharing lets us be our authentic selves and I can see the real me in the eyes of others and, in turn, see who they truly are. She has this warm curiosity and her prompts always lead me to amazing self-discoveries that I don't think would be possible otherwise. Some things are just hard to put into words, if you want to understand what I mean by "Claire Magic" you should check yourself. I can't recommend enough!" Ania


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Write for your Life public sessions explained - UK time on Zoom unless specified

Introduction to journaling Talk – 45 minutes - FREE

This talk is great if you’ve never journaled before, or at least not for a long time. I’ll tell you all about journaling and how it helps. I’ll talk a little bit about the various aspects of journaling giving you tips along the way. There will be time for questions and then I’ll give you five minutes or so to do a little journaling to get you started.
* Ideal for those who are completely new to journaling or just need a little inspiration to restart.

Journaling 101 Course – 2 x 1.5 hours - £39 (Early bird £29)

If you want an experiential course to get you started with journaling and cover aspects such as, your journaling goals, things to write about, when and where, how to find prompts and more, this course is for you. Run over two sessions (6.30-8pm UK time), I’ll help to set you up for success and give you plenty of ideas to get you started and keep going.

* Ideal for those who haven’t journaled before/are rusty and want to get started.

Journaling club - 'keep journaling' – 1.5 hours - £10/session (multi-pass options available)

This session is for those who have a journaling practice and just need some space and time to write. Writers are welcome too! I can give a prompt to get you going but what you journal/write about for the main hour is up to you.

* Ideal for everyone who just wants space to fill up a few journaling pages and connect with other journalers, getting some accountability and encouragement on the way.

Creative group journaling Workshop – 1 hour - £10/session (multi-pass options available)

This monthly session (usually Monday) is great for creativity, connection and even a little fun. I’ll guide you through exercises and prompts that are great for groups.

* Ideal for those who enjoy the fun and creativity of journaling together with others. Can be great fuel for creative writers as well as journalers. As with all these sessions, no experience, spelling or grammar is required.

Coach yourself with Pen Talk – 45 minutes – FREE

This quarterly talk introduces you to the concepts of using journaling to coach yourself. I’ll talk briefly about journaling, coaching and how to bring the two together. There will be time for questions and a little time at the end to do some journaling of your own and put what you’ve learned into practice.

* Ideal for those who want to use their journaling more intentionally to live a more fulfilled life.

Whose life is it anyway? Creative group journaling Special workshop – 1 hour, 45 minutes - £19 (multi-pass options available)

These monthly (usually Saturday 10.30am (UK time) sessions help you to uncover who you are, what you want and how to manage life’s challenges. Each session will have its own theme and agenda. Journaling in groups is very rewarding, connecting and often fun.

* Ideal for those who enjoy the fun and creativity of journaling together with others and enjoy exploring self-help and self-development topics. As with all these sessions, no experience, spelling or grammar is required.

I can also work with you 1:1 as your Journaling Coach. This is part Life Coach and part Journaling Guide. As your Journaling Coach, I'll guide you to learn how to deepen your journaling practice so you can make your one precious life easier and more enjoyable. £45/hour, give me a shout if you'd like to find out if it's for you.

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