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Ready for some mind-blowing insights?

Here's a great journaling exercise that may just transform your day.


Remember Insights? When you were either Red (Driver), Yellow (Expressive), Green (Amiable) or Blue (Analytical) - at least this is how I remember it from the 80s. The styles have obviously evolved over time and I like this infographic to demonstrate the four styles (from


Not to diminish the process, but even if you’ve not taken part in the assessment process to find out your style, you can probably still get an idea of which one of the four your main style fits into and for this exercise that’s good enough.

Image taken from


Anyway, during a coaching session a few years ago, I had someone write about what was actually happening - the ‘actual’ can seem a bit punitive but it’s surprising how much this simple exercise can reveal.


The lady I was coaching had mentioned something about being a ‘blue’ type during our conversation, so I invited her to write in blue.


Then I had the idea for her to write using red (she said her boss was red and was a significant part of her challenge). So, using the same exercise, to write about what was actually happening she wrote again, this time in red. She was really into it so again, I invited her to do the same, in green. I think we stopped there, but of course she could also have done in it yellow.


What transpired was fascinating. What she wrote and the style in which she wrote were so very revealing, even though she was essentially not writing anything new – just writing about the same situation in different colours.


She was amazed at the perspective and insight it gave her, something journaling always provides in bucket loads.


It also gave her confidence as she connected to her own resources; her own ‘red’ qualities’ her own ‘green.’ We have access to it all.


So, the exercise would go like this if you want to give it a go:


1.    Write about your particular challenge in whatever colour you identify as. Stick to the facts as much as possible; just what’s happening, where, when, who is involved etc. (If you’re yellow, I recommend orange as it’s a bit easier to see.)


2.    Now write about the same situation in one or all of the other three colours. You might want to pick a relevant colour. So, if for example, you’re having an issue with someone, write in the colour you believe they are, but you’re still writing your own experience.


3.    Be amazed at what transpires!


If you end up going off topic, trust and follow that. It’ll be important to you somehow, even if not directly relevant to the situation you’re in. You can always come back to the exercise.


Give me a shout if you have any questions or want to share your experience. I’d love to hear how you got on.



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